Friday, 18 January 2013

The Workshop - Introduction

Welcome to my workshop! I live in a share-house in Melbourne, Australia with a huge garage. 6 months ago I decided to turn half of it in a workshop to make things, turning old wood and old pieces of furniture into brand new creations!!

This blog will be documenting the various pieces I spit out! I bought all the power-tools second hand from a local thrift shop. As you can see the island workstation is a wood pallet placed on milk crates. It works well, it also doubles up as shelving. I built the table for the drop-saw out of an old fence and a random piece of wood. :)

I find the pallets on the side of the road or ask warehouses if they have broke or space one. It is surprising how many pallets people have to give away. I heard that they are around AUD$100!! Similarly with the fencing, it is often left in piles out the front of people houses, just waiting to be turned into something else!!

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